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INTERSPEECH is the world’s largest and most comprehensive conference on the science and technology of spoken language processing. INTERSPEECH conferences emphasize interdisciplinary approaches addressing all aspects of speech science and technology, ranging from basic theories to advanced applications.

The theme of INTERSPEECH 2022 held in Incheon, Korea, is “Human and Humanizing Speech Technology”. Over the history of mankind, humans’ ability to formulate thoughts and feelings and to communicate with each other has all been evolved from basically talking to other people. As machines have become more frequently available and readily accessible in our daily lives, our need has grown as much for realizing natural interaction with them. With the rapid progress in AI on speech and language applications over the 5G network services provided worldwide, we are at the onset of building our vision of creating a full ecosystem of natural speech and language technology applications. The conference theme “Human and Humanizing Speech Technology” formulates the vision of the scientific and industrial community to commit endeavors to continue the effort in speech science toward humanizing the spoken language technology, so the impact becomes a game changer that goes beyond the current state-of-the-art we serve, and ultimately the society as a whole experiences the benefits.

Paper Submission

INTERSPEECH 2022 seeks original, novel and innovative papers covering all aspects of speech science and technology. Papers addressing scientific area topics related to the conference theme should be submitted electronically through the START V2 system. The working language of the conference is English, so papers must be written in English. The paper length should be up to four pages in two columns. An additional page can be used for references only. Paper submissions must conform to the format defined in the paper preparation guidelines as instructed in the author’s kit on the conference webpage. Submissions may also be accompanied by additional files such as multimedia files. Authors must declare that their contributions are original and that they have not submitted their papers elsewhere for publication. Contributed papers will be in the rigorous peer-review process. Each paper will be evaluated on the basis of these criteria; novelty and originality, technical correctness, clarity of presentation, key strength, and quality of references.

Scientific Areas and Topics

INTERSPEECH 2022 embraces a broad range of science and technology in speech, language and communication areas, including the following topics, but not limited to:

  • Speech Perception, Production and Acquisition
  • Phonetics, Phonology, and Prosody
  • Analysis of Paralinguistics in Speech and Language
  • Speaker and Language Identification
  • Analysis of Speech and Audio Signals
  • Speech Coding and Enhancement
  • Speech Synthesis and Spoken Language Generation
  • Speech Recognition - Signal Processing, Acoustic Modeling, Robustness, Adaptation
  • Speech Recognition - Architecture, Search, and Linguistic Components
  • Speech Recognition - Technologies and Systems for New Applications
  • Spoken Dialog Systems and Analysis of Conversation
  • Spoken Language Processing - Translation, Information Retrieval, Summarization, Resources and Evaluation
  • Speech, Voice, and Hearing Disorders
  • Special Sessions

Technical Program Committee Chairs

  • Kyogu Lee, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Lori Lamel, CNRS-LISN, France
  • Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, University of Illinois, USA
  • Karen Livescu, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, USA
  • Okim Kang, Northern Arizona University, USA

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline March 21, 2022
Paper update deadline March 28, 2022
Author notification June 13, 2022
Final manuscript submission due with early-bird registration June 23, 2022

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